Drawn Girls

Just Doing a Thing -

1 1 1 1 1 1 I decided to start poking around the drawn look. Lines outlining the form. Simple colours and light setup. Just checking out how it looks.

There are things I like about this style, but others I don’t. Simple colours and shadows are interesting. Weird geometry of hair and other things that are supposed to have textures and transparency… not so interesting.

I decided to try the Workbench renderer, but it seems very unstable.

First, I tried 2.83-beta.

In 2.83-beta, it simply crashes Blender every time.

No question about the 2.83-beta instability of Workstation render mode.

Then, back to 2.82. I set it to rendering and went off to do something. When I came back, Finder had crashed, and my computer thought Firefox and Blender were not running, but new renders were appearing in my render dir, and Firefox wouldn’t start, complaining it was already running.

I know what all that means, in theory, but there probably were other things in an unstable state, so I rebooted the computer.

The good news is, the Workbench renderer and this scene are lightweight enough for my Linux box to render, so I might just use Mac to model, Linux to render. Maybe Workbench render is more stable on Linux?

On the other hand, I probably need to setup my materials and everything to render in Eevee again. I miss some of the textures and their layered complexity. No freckles. No skin bumps. These things. I miss them.

Shrinkwrap - You Kill Me!

1 1 The shrinkwrap modifier is way less handy than I was hoping it would be.

First, look left. This is how it’s supposed to work.

Now, look right. The legging just flies through to the front side of her knee, and goes missing on the back side of her thigh.

Not a very useful modifier if she can never put her legs together or bend her knees more than 100 degrees.

1 That one doesn’t look too bad, if you don’t pay attention to the details… but then there are renders like this one, to the right…

That just looks awful.

Let’s Not Dwell on the Negative

Here are some more nice-looking ones. 1 1 1 1 1 1

Actually, let’s dwell on the negative just a little longer. Their jeweled belts are also solved with a shrink wrap modifier, which also suffers picking the wrong surface to stick to. This pose has problems with both girls’ belts at the same time. 1

I was excited when I noticed the “vertex groups” option for shrinkwrap.

But it never seemed to do anything. Turns out that’s because it’s for choosing vertexes of the shrinking object to move, not vertexes of the destination object to which it will shrink.