Blender You Are Killin Me

Let’s Make a Huge Awesome Render!

1 Wow. Pretty cool, right?

Wait. What are those weird shadows on that one’s hand? Or growing on the other one’s arm?

Oh right. Those are their eyelashes. Flying around randomly through the scene again.

The girls themselves don’t have eyelashes. Because they’re flying around. WTF.

I just aborted ten hours of rendering, because all the renders have this problem. This is just terrible.

Not in a great mood, no.

So here is a random assortment of the ones that worked fine, because I suspect I didn’t move the rig around the scene (they’re roughly at the origin).

1 1 1 1

You might have noticed I’ve made an Indian version of her. That’s for the Heart’s Girls artwork I’m going to do. See elsewhere on the site for what I am talking about.

Not in a terribly good mood for talking about it now, though. Just know… there are plans. If I can figure out how to work around these annoying Blender bugs.

Or, I suppose, figure out how to report them.